Blockchain Bootcamp

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Whether you're a beginner or want a re-fresher, our Blockchain Bootcamp

is the perfect track to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the different use cases.


Check out the "Ask An Expert" Booth on-site to help any questions you have. 


We help you download your first wallet and even provide you over $50 in free cryptocurrency!

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Blockchain

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency 

    • Intro to Bitcoin 101

    • Introduction to Ethereum 

  • Getting started: Wallets, Exchanges, Security

  • Use cases for Blockchain Technology

  • Is Blockchain Technology right for your business?

  • Basics of Trading & Investing

  • Cryptocurrency & Taxes

  • Different types of blockchains

  • What is a non-fungible token?

  • What is a Dapp?

  • Learn about Securities Tokens and raising capital 

  • Blockchain for supply chainsHow to explain blockchain to your clients, colleagues, & friends   

  • Cryptoeconomics: What Makes Blockchains Special?  

...More topics added daily